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Nay Pyi Taw , April 25

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, in charge of Lower Myanmar , Deputy Director General , U Myint Htwe made coordination meeting for restrain ability and cleanliness of Ngwe Saung Beach with Directorate of Hotels and Tourism , in charge of Ayeyarwaddy Region, Deputy Director, U Zaw Lin Htun ; Ngwe Saung branch office Assistant Director, U Soe Win ; Ngwe Saung Administration Officers and city level departmental in charges , Ngwe Saung Hotel Zone Deputy Chairman , General Managers and Managers , total about (50) forces at morning 11 am , 24th April 2018 at Myanmar Treasure Hotel in Ngwe Saung Beach.






In Coordination Meeting, Deputy Director General discussed that cause he came for restrain ability and cleanliness of Ngwe Saung Beach. According to the Order No. (1/2015) as date 1st January 2015, now issuing Order No. (2/2017) to obey and perform for  restrain ability of beach and seven destination areas that can tour around beach area. And having like legislation, order, instruction, regulatory and also specified legislation, order, instruction from respective departments and regional order issues. If there is breach, we will act upon this effectively. If acting activities from respective departments are weakened, it can decline beach scenic beauty and become degradation the social commerce life of businessmen and local people within this region.






Deputy Director General continuously discussed that Ngwe Saung Beach now declines to Asia Standard (3) in World Standard (25) from Asia Standard (1) in World Standard (8). This was because of not obeying the regional orders, instructions, regulations issued from respective departments and driving motor vehicles, waste materials, careless shops selling on the beach. Therefore, all responsible persons need to corporate and perform with equilibrium and unity for beach cleanliness and attractiveness. This is the comparison with current situation of Ngapali Beach as an example. For Ngwe Saung Beach, it needs to perform with long-term projects to be world standard and Asia standard by following laws, rules and regulations, instructions and local authorities which have been declared. Moreover, Deputy Director General said, responsible persons and all local people within the area must collaborate unitedly and maintain to be clean and enduring for the beach.





In charge of Ayeyarwaddy Division who is from the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism , in charge of Ngwe Saung branch office , city administration Department , co-chairman of Ngwe Saung Hotel Zone , General Managers and managers discussed about current situations and operations , difficulties and needs. Then, Deputy Director General conjoined and coordinated the discussions and also directed to give public awareness and to perform processes which are intended for the beach to be cleanness in the future. The meeting has ended at (12:45).

In the evening, in charge of Lower Myanmar, Deputy Director General lead the campaign of cleanness activity with responsible persons of Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, in charge of city level, co-chairman of Ngwe Saung Hotel Zone, General Managers and managers, and staffs from Hotels, totally about 170 . This activity was collaborated at the public area of down way to the beach which is beside the Sunny Paradise Hotel from 4:00 pm to 5:00pm.