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Ngapali Region

Jaketaw Village

This small fishing village is situated near Ngapali Beach. A visit to this can be easily made by bicycle. One can see the villagers usually sundry their fish, shrimp and coconut.

Lontha Village

Situated just north of Ngapali Beach. It is a small fishing village. Supported by the area’s bounteous harvest of fish, coconut and rice.

Pearl Island

A magical excursion through calm blue seas to Pearl Island is unforgettable experience for visitor. It is a haven of coconut trees, white sand beaches and the feeling of remote tranquility that only a desert island can produce.

Shwe Ann Daw Pagoda

This pagoda lies of Mount Wathura at Thandwe, where the relics of Buddha were enshrined.

Shwe Nan Daw Pagoda

It lies atop Mount Rohakuhta at Thandwe, where the relics of Buddha enshrined.

Shwe San Daw Pagoda

It lies atop of Mount Mani Ketha at Thandwe , where the relics of Buddha were enshrined.

Standing Buddha Image

It is built by Venerable Monk who propagated Buddhism on the hilly regions and located on the hill near JaketawVillage,NgapaliBeach.The image is 200 ft (61m) high.One can see the beautiful scene of Jaketaw Village, lifestyle of fishermen and panoramic view of the beach from this hill.

Thandwe Market

It is situated at the center of the town. Local fishery products, a variety of vegetables, seasonal fruits, dried foodstuffs and household wares etc: are available at the market.

Zalone Village

This is a fishing village not far from Ngapali Beach. This is an interesting place to experience a typical fisherman’s life. Domestic tourists come here to pay homage to the remains of a venerable monk. His body remains unspoiled without any use of chemicals or preservation measures.