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Express Service

Ngapali Region

There are four express bus services from Yangon to Thandwe-Ngapali and the duration is 12 hours. Nowadays, as a result of excellence road conditions and service quality of the coaches, not only local people but also international tourists visit Ngapali by coaches.

Yangon- Ngapali Motor Road Trip

Depart from Yangon at 4 AM in the morning and drive along Yangon-Pathein via Kyaung-Kone City,there is Ngathaingchaung Junction. Pass through Athoke, Yaekyi and Ngathaingchaung, arrive to Yaenantthar based in Yakhine Yoma around 9:00 AM. Form Yangon to Yaenantthar is (100) miles away.
Before to Yoma Hill, Gasoline Pump House and also restaurant will be there. Hilly road is followed. From starting point to Gwa City is (55) miles. While consuming the hilly scenery, traditional food offers to the guests. Until noon, Gwa city will be welcome and it is (155) miles away from Yangon.
Apart from Gwa Township, beach is presenting its natural scenery with fresh air by shooting photos, tasting local sea food.
Satthwarchaung Bridge, local villages are beside the sea and livelihood of villagers is interesting of points to the visitors. Along Thandwe-Ngapali Road through Kyeintale, Thandwe area is decorated with Taungpusar, field, Santawtaung pagoda and will arrive about (3:00) PM to Ngapali Beach.
Arriving Ngapali Beach, because of pleasant beach and fresh air, the stress and tiredness will be disappeared immediately indeed.